Business Problem

An e-payment services company needed its partners (and its partners’ customers) to promote electronic payments in order to grow transaction revenues.

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Entente Solution

Plan and create an integrated Payment Activation System, including:

  • Updated client branding and positioning
  • Completely new web site addressing all parts of the ecosystem
  • Resources for both partners and billers to use in promoting e-payments
  • Partner and biller e-newsletters to launch and maintain awareness of the new system
  • An online Resource Center (portal) to deliver new content


The efforts of multiple partners and billers were coordinated into a cohesive campaign. The client was able to relaunch itself with a significant differentiator compared to its competitors: delivering marketing services in addition to payment services.

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“Entente’s ability to focus our marketing effort has been invaluable.”

– Charles Stone, ReliaFund founder and owner