Business Problem

An established software vendor needed an impactful, visual way to introduce its CRM add-on software to potential prospects. Although their solution was strong, past efforts at email campaigns and web marketing had not generated much interest or click-through traffic, and the company’s messages had grown stale. Those older messages were almost universally focused on product features and “how-to” discussions rather than appealing to common customer pain points. Their factual approach was educational, but not entertaining or inviting.

Entente Solution

Starting with a working session on buyer personas, we identified two primary buyer roles and clarified their unique pain points. Then we crafted a script and storyboard for a two-minute animated explainer video using a “whiteboard” metaphor. The result was a light-hearted and engaging short story┬áthat spoke directly to the needs of one of their personas. An email campaign and lead-nurturing follow-up were also developed to get the video and its messages in front of prospects.


The video has successfully driven visitors back to a focused landing page where next-step actions are available. The email drip campaign provided the software vendor’s salesforce with further qualification and insight into responding prospects. The company’s founder was so pleased with how concisely and powerfully the video captured the value proposition of their offering that he contracted Entente to create a similar video for the second buyer persona to drive more lead generation.