Business Problem

This medical education organization had a website that eventually told its story using multiple pages, downloads and images. Unfortunately, the site wasn’t generating many inquiries or responses. In short, it wasn’t engaging its viewers in conversations that might cause someone to say, “Yeah, I think I have that problem, let’s talk some more.” Specifically, they had no high-value offer that would cause visitors to raise their hand and identify themselves as a potential customer.

LandingPgEntente Solution

We researched, wrote and produced a 23-page e-book that outlined the common problems of the organization’s target market, and presented a plan to solve them.  The e-book provided a thorough, consolidated introduction of the organization’s value to prospects. It’s a concise, educational presentation that quickly helps potential buyers understand their own pain points and how they might alleviate that pain.

We then created a conversion-centric landing page to offer this plan to potential prospects and generate leads from viewers interested in learning more about their options.

We also tied all leads to an automatic email nurturing series to thank downloaders, offer follow-up options, and continue the conversation.


Our solution immediately generated high-quality leads for the client. With just a simple home-page banner ad promotion, the e-book offer produced hundreds of new leads. The e-book has become the central defining content element for the organization’s message.

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