Business Problem

Existing and new channel partners for a global software vendor needed extensive and specific business process knowledge to be effective resellers. With partners located all over the world, our customer wanted to deliver high-value training content online and on-demand, focusing on the sales, marketing and support processes needed for successful business relationships.

Our customer also wanted to automate delivery, track reseller participation and personalize the training curriculum by job roles at each partner. Making this even more challenging, most of the company’s core business processes were undocumented, and many were changing rapidly with the introduction of new automated business applications.

Entente Solution

Utilizing our client’s new Learning Management System (LMS) for delivery, we built an online learning center dedicated to partner training. We researched, organized and planned a comprehensive video-based curriculum to cover all essential processes used by partners when conducting business with this software vendor. Then we developed graphics, narration, and storyboards to deliver each training topic in an engaging, animated video module.

  • Research was conducted with several internal business functions and with partners to document key processes
  • A master curriculum plan was developed and used as the project management control
  • Seventeen coordinated training modules were defined and built (animation and voiceovers were sub-contracted)
  • Specialized learning plans were developed for three different job roles (sales, marketing, technical)
  • A partner learning center was constructed and populated using the Taleo LMS to deliver videos and track progress
  • We managed the entire project across internal and external resources


This was the most ambitious automated training solution ever delivered by the customer. It has successfully trained partners around the world, and has been in place for over two years. The training content represented the first formal, actionable documentation of the company’s core partner business processes. Internal and external participants alike have praised the system for its effectiveness, quality of content and ease of use.