Business Problem

A financial standards development organization (SDO) needed to refresh its overall positioning and value proposition to take advantage of emerging industry trends. Their legacy image was deeply embedded in their large public website which had grown stale and cumbersome to navigate.

Entente Solution

A series of discovery sessions led by Entente helped the organization clarify its new value proposition and uncover key personas and modernized messages. With that information as a foundation, Entente organized and led a total website revision in collaboration with the client’s technical team. Together we planned a new site map, moved the site from a proprietary platform to WordPress, built new and updated content on a flexible theme, streamlined navigation, and introduced updated product offerings.


A complete website overhaul was accomplished in about ten weeks. The revised website was immediately accepted by both the existing community and new visitors. Ongoing content contribution and maintenance effort dropped from weeks to minutes and hours. Most importantly, the new website successfully positioned the organization for its go-forward initiatives and branding.

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