One-nite StandAll you need is Love.
Love is all you need.

So said the Beatles several decades ago, and it’s still true today. I’m not talking about romantic love (I’m no expert there) but rather the kind of wooing it takes to get perfect strangers to like your message – and maybe even love your message so much that they become customers.

I’m talking about Content Marketing, and its ability to build long-lasting relationships.

My latest ebook, “Content Marketing Isn’t a One-Night Stand,” puts forth a four-step content marketing process: deciding what you want in a business relationship, understanding your ideal “mate,” putting yourself out there with honest content, and staying pure in your intent as you grow newfound friendships (leads).

It’s been many years since my last first date, but that sounds like a strong metaphor to me!

Go ahead and download the ebook – it’s free – and then let me know what you think.

I do hope you like it. After all, love is in the air!


EquationBusiness Problem

A provider of SaaS-based payment processing services was having difficulty simplifying their message and communicating a clear value proposition to prospects.

Entente Solution

We distilled the company’s essential offerings into a simple equation: Payments=Time+Money+Risk. We then told a story of how these elements can impact the business of a target prospect, and outlined a solution in a new brochure, animated video and landing page.


In a crowded market, this campaign has broken through the clutter of acronyms, jargon and confusion of competing services to create a straightforward description of the company’s offerings. The brochure, landing page and video work together to consistently communicate the company’s value.

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Three tools for creating low-cost but effective B2B videos

Thumbnail image for Three tools for creating low-cost but effective B2B videos

Several companies in the B2B space recently asked me how they might create low-cost videos with strong marketing ROI. They believe – rightly so – that video has the power to quickly explain a value proposition, generate leads, or engage prospects with educational content. They’re not alone in their thinking. According to the Content Marketing […]

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Promotional video to drive cross-selling

Business Problem A supplier of life-support training courses to rural hospitals had just developed an add-on product (a Quick Reference Guide) to provide rapid procedural references and reminders to emergency care staff. The client needed visibility for the new Quick Reference Guide, and a way to encourage past course participants to purchase the add-on. Entente Solution We […]

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Lead Generation for a Medical Education Non-profit

Business Problem This medical education organization had a website that eventually told its story using multiple pages, downloads and images. Unfortunately, the site wasn’t generating many inquiries or responses. In short, it wasn’t engaging its viewers in conversations that might cause someone to say, “Yeah, I think I have that problem, let’s talk some more.” […]

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Animated intro video for a CRM add-on

Business Problem An established software vendor needed an impactful, visual way to introduce its CRM add-on software to potential prospects. Although their solution was strong, past efforts at email campaigns and web marketing had not generated much interest or click-through traffic, and the company’s messages had grown stale. Those older messages were almost universally focused […]

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