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Marketing Strategy: Reasons and Rationale

Before you know how, you’d better know why. That’s strategy in a nutshell. Maybe you’ve got it mostly sorted and all you need is a gut-check or some solid-proof research. Then again, maybe you’re facing hours of white board sessions with gallons of coffee. We love coffee. And whiteboards. And ideas.

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Content Creation: Making it Click

Without good writing, content is empty filler. But good writing is hard. First you need to get to know your audience (personas) and purpose (buyer’s journey). Then you need to craft hot headlines, engaging copy and crisp calls-to-action to make your content worth reading and clicking. Look to us for the words, pictures, graphics, and videos to convey your most important messages.

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Channel Marketing: To, Through and With Partners

Driving the channel can be like pushing up a rope. You need insight and tactics that bring clarity and results to the process. Our Three E’s channel model – Establish, Enable, Enrich – enhances the full lifecycle of partner marketing from recruiting to on-boarding to performance rewards. Could your partner program use a little push?

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